Christian Counseling

  with Junior deSouza Ministries

Eden's Seven Realities

(1) Spiritual Foundations  


Edenic Reality: Walking with the Creator in a Literal Garden

Transferable Reality: Walking with the Creator in a Garden of Spiritual Intimacy

Comprehensive, permanent transformation is founded on an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ via His Spirit and Truth. Any transformation project without this daily garden with Him will be limited and incomplete (Jn 15:5).

(2) Psychological Soundness


Edenic Reality: Perfect Mental Condition

Transferable Reality: A Sound Mind via The Mind of Christ


It is a grave error that some Christian leaders do not address soulical issues. The Lord shepherds the soul of His sheep to healing and a sound mind (1Pet 2:24,25, 2Ti 1:7, Ps 23:4, Eze 34). Christian ministry and caregiving must join Him in this.

(3) Physical Health


Edenic Reality: Perfect Bodily Condition

Transferable Reality: Physical Health & Wellness

Physical wellness can contribute to overall transformation, or hinder it. Too many western Christians have become terribly imbalanced and unhealthy in their daily habits, dishonoring God's temple, their body (1Co 6:19).

(4) Relational Fulfillment


Edenic Reality: Relational Peace & Fulfillment

Transferable Reality: Relational Peace & Fulfillment

Relationships have incalculable power to wound and carve out hollows of love deficit in us. However, they possess equal power to replenish and rebalance those very deficits with relevant love.

(5) Social Meaning & Assimilation


Edenic Reality: Social Meaning & Assimilation 

Transferable Reality: Social Meaning & Assimilation

Socialization is very much a skill set requisite to finding and successfully assimilating into a social niche that is
compatible, meaningful, and enjoyable to a person.

(6) Vocational Calling


Edenic Reality: Meaningful, Inspired Work

Transferable Reality: Meaningful, Inspired Work

Before we took our first breath the Lord had already predesigned us to fulfill a specific purpose on earth. Ephesians 2:10 says we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works prepared in advance for us to doThat purpose is our vocational calling, the most meaningful, inspired, fruitful work we could do.

(7) Financial Capability


Edenic Reality: Practical Bounty

Transferable Reality: Practical Bounty

Deep identities and attitudes drive our habits that block or open financial traffic. Money is not a mystery or miracle or
mercy gift; it is a trade for something of value. Developing that value, inwardly and outwardly, requires wisdom (Pr 8:18).