Christian Counseling

  with Junior deSouza Ministries

Biblical Counseling?

What exactly is Biblical or Christian counseling? In its simplest definition, it is counseling that is centered on the Bible and its explanations, goals, and methods. It can be summarized in five core realities:

(1) The reality of a unique, holy, merciful, and relational God.

(2) The reality of sin, or man's resistance and rebellion to God's ways.

(3) The reality of man's impotence, in and of himself, against the power of sin and dysfunction, regardless of how intelligent,
talented, or 
successful he might be.

(4) The reality of man's potential for genuine, practical transformation through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

(5) The reality of God's Word, recorded as the Old and New Testaments, and the necessity of Spirit-empowered understanding and
obedience to it for transformative, victorious living in every area of life.