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Junior deSouza is a certified Biblical counselor (Restoration Christian Fellowship, Denver CO). He enjoys delving deeply into another's life, even opening up his own. He uses any and all resources that are in harmony with God's Word--supernatural and natural, spiritual and practical--to help Christians fully mature into the whole, free, abundant image of the Lord Jesus Christ in every area. The seven areas most often addressed can be found at the Eden's Seven Realities page.

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About JDM Christian Counseling, Junior says: 


"Eden is not a fairy tale or idealistic metaphor. It was the Creator's intended reality for humanity. But our progenitors
sought other realities against the Creator's plan and timing, falling and forfeiting Eden. Well, the original version of it.



"Through Isaiah the prophet, God asks, 'I act, and who can revoke or reverse it?' (Isaiah 43:13, Amplified Bible).
the apostle Paul writes, 'For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.' (Romans 11:29, NKJV).
Creator's intended reality for humanity has not been revoked or reversed. He designed mankind to live in an Edenic reality with Him and that will be true today, tomorrow, and for all eternity.

"But what does that mean here and now, on a planet so profoundly imperfect, with people so profoundly
imperfect, and we ourselves so profoundly imperfect? The redemptive news is, after the Fall the Lord began making covenants or agreements with a 
remnant of humanity, a group of believing worshipers with whom
He could recreate or resume a version of Eden in the post-Fall world. To say it another way, there are concepts or realities from Eden that are transferable into real life today. From Genesis 4 onward, we see these Edenic
concepts perpetuated in the relationship 
between God and His remnant. We see Eden recreated, resumed.
Not perfectly, but excellently and fulfillingly.

"Notice Jesus is called 'the second Adam' in 1Corinthians 15:45-49. How much more specific could Scripture be that Jesus came to resume Eden, albeit a post-Fall version?

"This is the vision and context of JDM Christian Counseling. To join the Lord in His irrevocable, irreversible
dream of having an Edenic existence with His people. Practically, this means we extract the main concepts or realities from original Eden; we show how they continue post-Fall throughout the entire Scriptures; we show how they peak or optimize in the New Covenant; we 
provide multidimensional Biblical counseling to develop these realities in the born-again Christian's life."

                                                                                            Junior deSouza, JDM Christian Counseling